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    Tullamarine Pony Club

    Site Address: Section Road 
    Postal Address: PO Box 2228 
    Email gjdmchilds@optusnet.com.au
    Website www.tullamarine.ponyclubvic.org.au
    Phone 03 9333 3192
    Fax 0412 023 577
    Disciplines Offered
    • Certificates
    • Cross Country
    • Dressage
    • Grooming
    • Showjumping
    • Club House
    • Combined Training
    • Dressage
    • One Day Eventing
    • Showing
    • Showjumping
    Activity Days Rallies are held on the 4th Sunday of every month (excluding January) Tullamarine offers additional discipline specific instruction days on the 2nd sunday of the month, by negotiation and pre-paid booking. Contact the Club for further information
    Club Activities Show Jumping Cross Country Dressage Games Flat Novelties Theory
    Open times Rallies Commence at 10.00 am Gear Check inspection at 9.45 am
    Club information Tullamarine Pony Club boast totally refurbished clubrooms. Tullamarine Pony Club welcome all new enquiries. Any person wishing to ride at a visiting rally at Tullamarine Pony Club must first contact the Club President on the contact number provided.
    Other information Central Zone Tullamarine Pony Club is small, friendly and supportive of any discipline in which you compete. All members are provided with the best of tuition and guidance. Tullmarine Pony Club are pround to provide comfortable and convenient facilities for all members.
    Map reference 178 F9
    Incorporated Yes
    Incorporations number A0004687E
    AGM date April
    EFA affiliated Yes
    Local council yes
    Ground ownership Local Council
    Jumper colour gold
    Sash colour brown
    Tie colour brown
    Saddle cloth colour gold with brown trim
    Rally uniform colour Gold Polo shirt with brown tullamarine logo
    Usual rally day 4th Sunday of month
    Number of rallies 11


    Name Position Email
    Sharon Dore Club President sharon.dore13@gmail.com Mb: 0408 565 703
    Jan Healey Club Vice President leah2000@bigpond.com Mb: 0414 737 125
    Belinda Browne Club Secretary Bbrowne6@optusnet.com.au Hm: 9305 7059
    Mb: 0418 313 089
    Tina Rykers Club Card Secretary martinarykers@live.com.au Mb: 0407 456 381
    Diane Childs Club Treasurer gjdmchilds@optusnet.com.au Mb: 0412 023 577
    Colin Bourke Club District Commissioner colin@stockphotos.com.au Mb: 0418 561 856
    Belinda Browne Public Officer Bbrowne6@optusnet.com.au Hm: 9305 7059
    Mb: 0418 313 089


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